Review and swatches: The Tarte Lip Service Limited-Edition LipSurgence Collection

Tarte has released a limited edition collection of 5 of their LipSurgence jumbo lip pencils for this holiday season and they are calling it Lip Service. This collection is a steal at $29 given that each of these products is normally $24 apiece (so that makes it a $120 value)!

This value pack includes:
- 3 Natural Lip Lusters in Dazzled (pearly coral pink luster), Flashy (bright iridescent fuchsia luster), Glitzy (antique pink luster)
- 2 Natural Lip Tints in Perky (soft carnation pink tint), Swank (light cherry tint)

These shades are not available for purchase separately at this time.

All of the colors in the LipSurgence line are incredibly moisturizing and feel amazing on the lips so I love that about them. As far as the colors, I think this kit has a good variety of shades and most of them will look good on any skin tone. The “tint” shades are a little sheer with a nice amount of shine but not too shiny or sticky like a gloss. The “luster” shades are both glossy and have very finely milled glitter in them so they will sparkle more than the tints. The glitter is not chunky or gritty but the glitter will rub off during makeouts.

I want to talk about each of the shades in this collection but if you want more detailed information about the LipSurgence line in general and the differences between the tints and the lusters I have a post detailing the whole LipSurgence line.


  • Dazzled: Dazzled is one of my favorites. It’s a nice soft coral pink that goes well with day looks and bright eye shadow. I think it will be very nice for a spring color as well.
  • Flashy: This shade is described by Tarte as a fuchsia and surprisingly I love it. I never thought I could pull off purplish lip color until I tried this shade.
  • Glitzy: This is definitely my favorite shade of the bunch. It’s a peachy leaning nude shade that looks great with anything I’ve tried. Nude shades are very in this fall to pull together a bold eye or crazy winged liner so this is a perfect shade for that. The glitter adds just a hint of sparkle but it’s not overpowering or distracting


  • Perky: This is a very soft carnation or baby pink shade. It may be too light for some skin tones. I like it but I think it’s more of a spring color so I doubt I wear it much until then.
  • Swank: This is a cherry toned shade. I think it’s supposed to be red but I can’t get it built up enough to look more than bright pink. This is my least favorite shade simply because it does not look good with my skin tone. I prefer cool toned opaque reds. This one just looks bright pink on me and clashes with my hair.

Swatches on skin and plain white paper

From left to right: Glitzy, Perky, Dazzled, Swank, Flashy


From left to right: Glitzy, Perky, Dazzled, Swank, Flashy

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Moisturizing, luxurious, and 5 great shades at an incredibly low price.

Available at Tarte.com, Sephora, and Ulta.

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