Review: Lorac Creamy Eyebrow Pencil

Lorac Creamy Eyebrow Pencil sells at Ulta.com for $20.00.  I really like this product.  It has a spooly on one end for shaping and grooming your brows, and then a soft brow pencil on the other side.  This is a great product for anyone who likes having defined, groomed brows but doesn’t want to spend a ton of time filling in their eyebrows with a powder, and then using a wax or gel to get them to stay in place.  This product is definitely a multitasker.

The consistency of the pencil is soft similar to a creamy eye liner but with a little bit of a waxier consistency.  The color is pretty potent though, and stays put nicely.  If I mess up and get outside my brow a little, I have to use eyemakeup remover to clean it up, which is a good thing, I think because it means the product will stay just where you put it until you take it off.


The pencils come in 4 shades, corresponding to your hair color: auburn, blonde, brunette, and dark brown.  Lorac is one of the few brands to have an eyebrow pencil for redheads so I can very much appreciate that.  I was using Benefit’s Brow Zings in medium before and I thought they were a little too dark for me and made my red hair look less natural due to the darkness of my eyebrows.  This product in auburn is lovely and is just the right color for my hair.

How to use

I use the spooly to brush my eyebrows upwards and outwards.  I then use the pencil side in an upward sketching motion fill in my brows and shape them.  That’s it.  This pencil is so simple to use, there is almost no excuse for not doing your eyebrows everyday.

Overall Impressions

The pencil works great.  I think it could stand to be a little “waxier” to hold brows in place better, but it does a pretty good job of keeping them where they belong.  Of course, if it was any more waxy, it might be too soft to use, so I’m not going to complain too much about that.  The color is very nice, and stays put all day.

I do find that I have to sharpen it frequently, but I still think it will last probably a year or so before I run out, even with nearly daily use.

So overall, I give the Lorac Creamy Eyebrow Pencil  5 out of 5 stars.  It is conveniant, works great, and is very easy to use.


  • Easy to use to define and shape eyebrows
  • Comes in 4 different shades
  • Lasts a long time
  • Includes a spooly for eyebrow grooming


  • Not the most waxy so some hairs may not stay in place all day
  • Have to sharpen often

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